Welcome to Extended Hands of God Highway Ministries.

This ministry is designed but not limited to the truck driving ministry. We provide services, preaching, music, prayer, testimonies and much more. Our Church services take place every night of the week on conference call lines. People from all over the nation call in and worship together. We hope that you will come worship the Lord with us.

Monday through Thursday from 1:00 pm cst until 3:00 pm and 10 pm until 5 am cst. Click on Service Times to see what time Guest Speakers will be speaking.  The phone number is 515-739-1030 and the access code is 812193714 #

Click here to Listen Live 

Mondays thru Thurdays at 1 pm cst & Mondays thru Fridays at 10 pm cst

Monday's Schedule

Questions & Answers at 1 pm cst

Pastor Steve Manville from Bethel Pentecostal Fellowship in Patterson, LA will be speaking at 10 pm cst

Call 515-739-1030 access code 812193714# to listen in  to any of above Services & God Bless

Saturday's Scriptures

Colossians 3:1 & Proverbs 24

Sunday's Scriptures

Ephesians 3:18 & Proverbs 25

Monday's Scriptures

John 17:21 & Proverbs 26

Tuesday's Scriptures

Psalms 108:13 & Proverbs 27

Wednesday's Scriptures

Psalms 91:11 & Proverbs 28

Thursday's Scriptures

John 14:27 & Proverbs 1

God Bless & Be Ready, This Could be the day!